Neo Disc+

Designed for adventure, our new Neo Disc+ models are built from the ground up to excel in a wide range of terrains. Choose from 20" or 24" models, these bikes feature a front suspension fork to cushion bumps, powerful disc brakes for safe and reliable braking in all conditions, and micro-knobby MTB tyres for grip in the dirt. The new Neo Disc+ range allows kids to take their adventures to all-new levels!



With 60mm travel on 24" models, and 40mm travel on 20", the Neo Disc+ range tames rougher terrain.

Disc Brakes

Enhanced braking performance in dusty, muddy, and wet conditions. Mechanical 160mm rotors, with short brake levers designed for kids to keep them confident and in control.

Micro-Knobby Tyres

Equally at home on or off the pavement, the micro-knobby tread offers grip and stability on a wide variety of terrain.


For added versatility and efficiency, we use lockout on our Neo Disc+ forks. This turns the suspension fork into a rigid fork, meaning less energy is wasted when suspension isn't needed. This can make for easier riding on smooth or flat sections, or up hills.

Hydroformed tubes

The new hydroformed top tube and down tube shapes create a refined and sporty look. Inspired by the tube shapes and technology normally reserved for higher-end adult bikes, the new Neo+ range features updated geometry, underpinned by our focus on low standover heights and safety.

Streamline stays

In addition to the new tube shapes, we've thinned the seat stays to shave weight off the frame without compromising safety or strength.


  • 12”
  • 16”
  • 20”
  • 24"
  • 26”


2 - 4 years
85 - 102 cm

These are the smallest size bikes in the Neo+ range, designed to make learning to ride as safe, fun, and easy as possible for your kids. Our Neo+ Jr. balance bike is the perfect starter model; kids learn to balance and steer as intuitively as walking or running, without having to worry about pedals. For kids who are ready to progress to pedals and further develop their riding skills, the Neo+ 12 is the perfect choice. The new tool-free design of the trainer wheels means they're easy to remove, so you're always ready for that big moment when they're ready to balance on their own!


3 - 6 years
95 - 117 cm

The most popular size in our range. It's the perfect bike to help kids build confidence and develop their riding skills thanks to the new tool-free trainer wheel design, which can quickly and easily be removed when they're confident enough to start balancing on their own. The lightweight frame, fork, and components, combined with a low standover height all help to keep kids in control.


5 - 8 years
114 - 132 cm

The most versatile size in the Neo+ range, our 20" models are tailored to kids of all skill levels.

For kids who are developing core cycling skills and don't need gears, then our single-speed models are ideal. Extra light without the added weight of gears, they help give kids that confidence boost and keep them in control as they progress.

When they're ready to use gears, we offer 6 speed and 3 speed options. The Neo+ 20 6s offers more gears, and is great for hillier rides. Our Neo+ 20 3i features 3 speeds in an internal hub - ideally suited to flatter areas, it also has the added benefit of requiring less maintenance over time since the gears are better protected from the effects of wet weather, dirt and mud, as well as those inevitable bumps and scratches.

And for kids who have a real taste for adventure, our new Neo Disc+ 20 is built for those who are ready to venture off the pavement and into the dirt. They feature a suspension fork, powerful disc brakes, and micro-knobby tyres that offer better grip on a wider range of terrain. Learn all about our Neo Disc+ range here.


7 - 10+ years
130 - 160 cm

Our 24" models are built for kids who are more adventurous and are keen to take their skills to the next level. Choose from our versatile Neo+ 24 7s, offering 7 speed gearing to tackle bigger hills, the Neo+ 24 3i which has a low-maintenance 3 speed internal hub, or the new Neo Disc+ 24 which is perfect for kids who want to take their riding off the pavement and into the dirt! Learn all about our Neo Disc+ range here.


7 - 12+ years
145+ cm

Offering the largest wheel size in the Neo+ range, our 26" models feature fast-rolling semi-slick tyres and a choice of 3 or 7 gears to give kids the control and power they need to tackle hills and longer rides.

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